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topic posted Fri, January 23, 2004 - 10:35 AM by  Jay
Anyone ever shoot or owned any of the Hi-Point handguns. What's the quality like, any overwhelming flaws I shold be aware of before purchasing one? I was thinking about picking up the .380 for my G/F, one of the .40's and a 9mm for my self. The prices are really low and there are some pretty positive testimonials on their website, but like I said it's their website. I've heard good things about the 9mm Carbine, can anyone elaborate on the handguns?
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    Hi Points are garbage.

    I guess you could always throw it at 'em. That pot metal is pretty heavy.
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      Is'nt the hi-point an S&W clone?
      • Jay
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        I think the .40 S&W is.

        I'm thinking of trying em out just to see. They're cheap enough that if they're crap it's not too much of a loss. Plus they have a life time warranty, and I've heard that they're great about honoring it.
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          In as much as handguns are either human killers or toys, when you relaly *need* them, they tend to fall into the former category. In which case the famous quote of, "Never trust a woman or an automatic pistol" comes to mind.

          Don't buy a crap auto pistol if you want it for "protection".

          You will have to train with it, and put wear & tear on it. If you end up really needing the warranty for a cheap handgun, it's already too late.
        • Jay
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          The .40 S&W and the .45 are $179, the 9mm is $159, the 9mm compact is $137, here's a link to their site if you wanna check em out.

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            I never heard of Hi-Point till your question. There have always been guns around close to that price, and they are junk. I looked up the 1 dealer listed for my city. I have never heard of them either, and they are not listed under gun dealers in my new phone book.
            If you want to plink, o.k. If you want something dependable for defense, talk to a local gun dealer. Ask about a name brand .357 revolver. It will shoot .38 specials too. Before you give your girl a gun for defense, make sure she knows all the legal ramifications of using it.
            Last of all-if they didn't correct this you really think they are careful about their firearms? I quote:
            "...I sent the rifle in june 23 2003 and on May 6,2003 I got the gun back. Not only did they replace the barrel for FREE, they replaced the firing pin, firing pin spring, and the main recoil spring. ALso included in the box were two extra magazines with a note that stated" here are two extra magazines for your trouble. What a great Company!!!!!
            - Rob, Plymouth MI"
            That is REALLY fast service!
            • I have an Identical experiance with one of thier carbines;they honnerd thier warrinty;also recieved two mags and the same note.But,even though they had replaced the exact same parts listed above,the gun still would not feed.Bottom line:you get what you pay for.You want a great 9mm carbine get a HK or a 9mm upper for an AR.Want a great auto-loading pistol,well;I'm devoted to the Glocks.
              • Jay
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                I have a Glock 30 and a Mossberg 500 for home defence. The Hi Points would really just be "toy" guns. Just something to take to the range, if nothing else they will suck so bad that they make me apreciate my glock even more. Who knows they may turn out to be ok weapons.
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                  I've shot their carbines and pistols. They are anything but "OK" weapons.

                  OK toys, maybe... if you like to be continually aggravated by your toys.
            • Regarding the quote in your post. Is that your own quote or someone elses?
              Does this mean that a time-machine is finally operationally successful? Can I get a discount if I buy 3?
              • Actually I disagree with the hi-point being garbage part! I bought hi point just to try them out and the .45 ACP became my favorite gun. I hardly even pick up my other guns anymore. Never had a jam, doesn't lose accuracy after firing a couple of mags through it like a glock, and the customer service and warranty are hard to beat.
            • i guess if you send a weapon in in the month of june 2003 and get it back in may 2003,thats pretty darn good!!!
              I have shot my HI POINT 9MM more than most people shot all there guns in there entire life and have had NO
              problems.Its just like any weapon,"KEEP IT CLEAN AND WELL OILED" and you have no problems.Kinda stupid
              to buy somethin that cost $300 or more that you dont shoot that much.GOODLUCK!!!!
  • I have a Hi-Point 9-mm it fires strait. I got it new and i have had it for 3 years. The 3rd round jams not all the time but some times. For the price it will kill if your good with a gun. I would rather have a guy cover me with a bad gun that knows how to fire than a guy that has no practice with a good gun. Buy a good gun. Colt, S&W, or, Sig. If it's yor first gun Hi-Point not bad
    • The hi point is ugly but utilitarian. Gun Tests rated it a best buy, and they are one of the very few reliable sources in the gun press.

      There is a new stock available for the hi point that makes it look like the Beretta storm. It's not a classy gun, but it puts the bullet pretty close to where you point it.
  • i have and currently own most of there guns and the 9mm compact and the 40 cal are 2 very accurate guns maybe not that fancy look most want but they are dependable.and with that warranty who can complan
  • I think they make a great fishing weight , as for being a handgun I guess they as said a handgun nothing more nothing less, personally I like Smith and wesson double action revolvers and Sig Sauer semi automatic pistols.
  • Anyone ever shoot or owned any of the Hi-Point handguns. What's the quality like, any overwhelming flaws I shold be aware of before purchasing one? I was thinking about picking up the .380 for my G/F, one of the .40's and a 9mm for my self. The prices are really low and there are some pretty positive testimonials on their website, but like I said it's their website. I've heard good things about the 9mm Carbine, can anyone elaborate on the handguns?

    Gun snobs will call them garbage, but they have a lifetime warranty and they are dirt cheap.
    I personally think they are ugly and clunky, but for the money you cant complain.
    I know people who own them and they say the same thing ugly and clunky but you cant beat the price.
    Are they as good as a Smith or a GLOCK? No
    Are the better than a baseball bat or a buck knife? Yes

    They are not target guns but if you need a firearm and don't have 4 or 5 hundred dollars to spend on a pistol
    then don't let other peoples hang-ups keep you from protecting yourself. Something is better than nothing.

    Buy one and then save your money for the Pistol you really want.
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      As I understand it, Hi-Point not only honors their lifetime warranty, but that warranty is fully tranferrable to second and even third owners. Basically, you send them ANY Hi-Point gun with some proof that you're the owner, and they will fix it.

      I have no problem with the things, I've shot a few and they aren't bad at all. The only thing keeping me away is the ugly, warped-looking, thin plastic body parts. I'm sure with a decent ammount of dressing up and some quality grips, the hi-points wouldn't taste so bad for my holster.

      Now the CARBINES.... they are a pretty aesthetially loud statement!! Once again, they work just fine and my little experience with them leaves no complaints in handling or reliability... but I could only justify buying one if I were fighting aliens or terminator robots in the future....on a budget...
  • I own two Hi-Point handguns, I bought the 40 s&w last year and took my ccw shooting portion with this gun. I must also state that prior to this I had not fired the gun. It shot a bit low and to the left of center. I adjusted and passed my test the first time out. Since then I have taken the gun to the range and sited it in. I also purchased the 9mm to carry concealed. This also shot a little low and to the left, after adjusting the site both guns fire on target.
    Both guns have had over 500 rounds put through them and have had no problems with the 40. The second clip that I bought for the 9mm need a slight adjustment and since then have had no problems. I'm about to purchase the 380 for my wife. For the money they shoot and handle well. Even my son in law likes it because it kicks less then his glock 40.
    Hope this helps you out. And besides if you have any problems the factory with fix or replace it for free.
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      now, I hope I don't insult anyone cause I'm not meaning to...but if you're shooting low and to the side on more than one gun, there's a good chance that you're 'flinching' against the recoil...or at least, most cases when I've seen low and to the left or right patterns, it's because the shooter was trying to force the gun down against recoil. Try holding a firm grip, and let the gun kick up... if your grip is strong, the bullet is going to be out of the barrel by the time the gun kicks any significant ammount. But I have no idea your shooting skill level, if you already know about this and your guns just shoot too low, forget I said anything
  • Jef
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    This postin is like most on here and goes like most do, that because the gun is priced cheap it must be trash....well how many have shot them and actually know. this is just like most of the american public that the most expensive is better, so in that frame of mind a new shelby musustand is faster and beter than a new z06 well not ture and that is is also the case with the hi-points too. As long as you take care of them and yes you can't fill the clip all the way, but if you cann't hit the target in 8 or less then you need a shot gun not a handgun. I have got to 40 and my friend has a 9mm and never had a problem with either, and from where i bought the gun they said that hi- point will 100% back their lifetime warrenty too.
  • Don
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    I have a hi-point 9mm handgun bought it here in Evansville In. paid $ 140.00 new while it is not a s&w or glock it's a pretty good weapon. I've not had any problms with mine yet. However I also have a tarus 24/7 pro that I like better only because the tarus has a higher capacity mag(s) 17 rounds versus the 8 or 10 round mags for the hi-point. but what do ya want for the price. They also have one in .45 for $160.00 and I am actually debating buying one just to have the .45. Still can't decide.
  • I bought a 380 acp and it shots great. I also own a glock 40 cal model 23, and a Taurus 38 ultralight and the high point continues to impress me. I thought it was going to be not that good of a hand gun but its great. its a little hard to clean due to having to remove a drive pin but all in all. use good ammo and keep your gun clean, Easy trigger pull, the last round is hard to load. and NEVER USE RELOADS IN AUTOMATICS. go to and do your research on all guns.
  • Rod
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    Before I became a police officer I've owned several Hi-Pointhandguns. Two 9mm, 40 cal, and a 45 and while they are decent for their relatively inexpensive prices your g/f would have to be a weightlifer to enjoy its bulk. Have her hold, it and shoot it if it'd help. I liken it to a brick with a handle.
  • tim
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    i love my hipoints have 2 1 9mm carbine and a 40s&w carbine 9mm has over 3000 rounds tru it noproblems and the 40 has over 1500rounds tru it noproblems what so ever people who say thay r junk have never ownd or shoot them thay r to embarest to b sean with a gun u can gut 4 about 150 bucks thay r probly the best gun u can ever get 4 under 200 bucks plus hipoint will fix any problem no mater what 4 free and send u a free mag what more could u ask 4 ya people who can aford to spend 1500 buck on a gun dont like them but i can out shoot there 1500 buck rifel with my 150 buck hipoit
  • Don
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    wow, the hi point had a very bad rap at first. here is a little fyi for those who think they understand hanguns. There have been proven armed forces that tested out the hi points. Everything from cops, army, navy, even training camps in the USA. Here is a kicker for u ppl, these places did a test on the belief they are crap. Yet, 88% of the ppl hey handed the hi point to compared to there glocks ranged a higher score by at least 50 points. They also found out that the 20,000 round myth was crap. yes at first the found out the guns are stiff when new, and the lower and cheaper ammo used cause jamming sometimes even breaking of the chamber. But using good ammo, cleaning it, knowing that u ur gun is ur second lover and treating it as such. The guns will go through tons. the over all ppl who prefer hi points from the 40 and up are 72% love it and have or only use that gun. You buy ur glock yes a great gun, yet u break it and send it in u might as well buy a new one for the cost to fix it. So bottom line is, you don't know really how to care and love ur guns, know that like a women they love expensive stuff. I own 200 hanguns and I shoot at least 20,000 rounds every two months through my hi point 40 and only jammed once on the first day. Ppl need to stop worring about cost sometimes and look at real facts and studies not what they want to think. I mean really just like u can buy a new pc does't mean theres not issues with it at first. but once setup like u like it, it does what u need it too. you keep ur glocks and spend thousands fixing it every now and then. while the rest of the real ppl who shoot every day at work or others be the real judge of whats a good gun or not.
  • i have a 9mm h.p. and like it very much, when i first got it i had slight trouble with it jamming a bit, i sent it back to them cuz they have a lifetime warrantythey went through it replaced springs and blue printed it and since it fires perfect and for the money its a great extra gun, i let my son shoot it alot. granted it dont shoot like my smith and wesson but the price difference is huge but all and all it shoots very well i'm thinking about getting a 40cal also cause my 45 gets expensive to shoot.. but i would not hesitate to own one nice little gun for the money just get the 10 round clip it makes the grip a little longer
  • Hipoints are good guns, More accurate than any glock ive ever fired. Only idiots compare hipoints with glocks, compare hipoints to jennings, davis and so on. Youll quickly see the hipoint is the better firearm. There life time warranties is very hounered and ive had mine for over 5 years cf-380 ( 380 and 9mm convert) . Every idiot on the planet will say "get a glock" but the truth ive found from them are they are total crap. Inaccurate as hell unless you get a 3rd party barrel for an extra 100 bucks. If your going to go higher price pass on the glock and get a sig. Ive had bad experiences with glocks and rugers, but my "crappy" hipoint is still going strong. Its just like when i got my SKS, everyone said get the AK ! Yea Everyone i know with Aks have replaced parts and had problems, my SKS still has all original parts from 1953.. think about it once. If you like it shoot it, who cares what someone eles thinks.
    • Being a former Marine Gunnery Sgt. that was a Small Arms Expert Ranger Trainer, and retire Law Enforcement background. I think I maybe able to shine some light on a couple subjects here.First of all every firearm manufacturer can have good and bad ones.I have owned many handguns for many reasons. With that said I was all set to buy a Glock until I tried to shoot one.Out of 3 Glocks I tried everyone was a disappointment. All 3 went back to the manufacturer to be fixed. Not one of them could print paper at 15 feet unless they were in a gun vise. The factory rep could hit the paper at 5 feet with no groups. Even using match rounds. They never did find out what was wrong with them! I have owned and shot Hi-Points handguns in .380, .40, and .45 and they have all performed flawlessly with thousands of rounds. Just keep them clean and oiled. I have trusted my life to them many times. They are a bit heavy, but real handguns are heavy. It better to be heavy than to feel like a toy. Glocks feel like a toy to me. Yes S&W, Colts and Sig's are a better choice, but Hi-Points are dependable and very shoot able. Who needs a pretty gun to do the job? NOT I.

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